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The release includes the following:

  • New 'Join' step in self-service subscription from RDBMS source
  • New 'Filter' step in self-service publication from RDBMS source
  • New scheduling option to chain publications/subscriptions after any another publication/subscription
  • New delivery option in automatic database subscription 'Insert new rows and updated changed rows' (ignore unchanged rows)
  • Support post-processing step for subscriptions
  • Improved performance when publishing multiple files
  • Support for FTP connection
  • 'Field Mapping' wizard now allows mapping single source column to multiple target columns
  • Support for Edge browser


Informatica Data Integration Hub 10.2.0 Release Notes


PAM for Informatica Data Integration Hub 10.2.0

In this technical session, we will discuss the reasons many customers are extending PowerCenter to support cloud data warehouses on AWS with Amazon Redshift and review common patterns for Amazon Redshift adoption.

We will overview the Amazon Redshift architecture and discuss available options from Informatica for extending PowerCenter to support Amazon Redshift. We will share details about using prebuilt Informatica connectors for Amazon Redshift and other AWS services such as Amazon S3, and overview advanced scaling features such as grid, partitioning, and pushdown optimization.


Key webinar learnings:

• AWS journey and Amazon Redshift: Key benefits and capabilities.

• Key use cases for extending PowerCenter with Amazon Redshift.

• Extending with PowerCenter Redshift connector vs extending with Informatica Cloud Redshift connector.

• Scalability features like grid, partitioning and pushdown optimization to maximize the power of Amazon Redshift

• AWS deployment options: Single-click deployment of PowerCenter on AWS EC2 and Informatica Cloud ‘Pay as You Go’ via AWS Marketplace

• Demos of key use cases

Webinar Registration Details

Registration link:

Date: 2nd may 2017

Time: 8 AM PST

Speakers: Meera Srinivasan, Prateek Shrivastava and Andrew McIntyre - Informatica  Product Management

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