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The release contains the following VDS enhancements and bug fixes:

  • New Source - OPC DA has been added to capture machine data from SCADA compliant systems
  • New PAM - Certified with BDM 10.1.1
  • Enhance file target to move files to a destination folder when file rolls over.
  • Statistics request interval made configurable. Default value is 5 seconds
  • Support for case sensitive database option in installer
  • Fix for enable button of VDS affecting other services
  • Node name length changed from 32 to 128 characters in REST API


For more details, please refer to the Release Notes published in the link below.


Informatica Vibe Data Stream for Machine Data Version 2.3.1 Release Notes


PAM for Vibe Data Stream 2.3.1

This release includes the following key enhancements:


  • UMS: IPC performance improvement greatly increases throughput using "pend" mode.
  • DRO: Smart-Batch performance improvement greatly increases throughput.
  • UMS: Smart Sources: new send API reduces latency and greatly reduces jitter (streaming only).
  • UMS: Existing send API latency and jitter reduction.
  • UMS: Transport statistics retrieval without contending with receive path.
  • UMS: NCF mitigation: reduces network NCF load during periods of heavy loss.
  • UMS: Host names may now be used in place of IP addresses in UM configurations.
  • UMS: Receiver may now send unicast messages directly to newly-discovered sources.
  • UMS: Several configuration options have improved default values.


Note that UMS improvements also apply to streaming messaging of UMP and UMQ.  Most also apply to persisted and ULB messaging as well.


Informatica Ultra Messaging Streaming Edition Version 6.10 Release Notes


Informatica Ultra Messaging Queuing Edition Version 6.10 Release Notes


Informatica Ultra Messaging Persistence Edition Version 6.10 Release Notes


Informatica Ultra Messaging Router Version 6.10 Release Notes


PAM for Ultra Messaging 6.10

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