If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, Then Is a Video Worth a Million? We at Informatica Global Customer Support (GCS) are delighted to announce the launch of a new screen recording feature with which we are another step closer to assisting you with your technical issues more quickly and efficiently.


You can now articulate your problem more effectively and help expedite issue resolution through the power of videos. The screen recording feature allows you to record a video of your issue and attach it to your case seamlessly. It’s easy to use and easily accessible from your ESupport Case management portal.


Below is a short demo and list of FAQ’s on the new functionality


How do download the screen recorder?


One of the pre-requisites to submit the video recording is to download the screen recording software.  The Recorder software can be downloaded through the ESupport portal.  On your ESupport (case management) Home-page:

  1. Click Quick Links > Download Screen Recorder tab.
  2. Run the .exe to install the recorder on your system. You only need to download it the one time.




OK, I have downloaded the recorder, now how do I submit a screen recording?


The video update to a case can be submitted either during a new case creation or while updating an existing case. The screen recording option is available during Step 2 of the case creation process


Step-2 screen record.jpg



To update an existing case ,  click on a Case. The Quick Links section lists the Screen Record button.



What functions are available in the recorder


The recorder provides options to set the screen resolution, full-screen mode and also mute and un-mute the mic while recording




How do I upload/attach the video to the case?

When you click Stop on the recorder, the video is automatically uploaded. Click Done when finished and the video will also automatically be added as an attachment to the case. Scroll down to Updates on your Case page and you will see the video attachment.




I accidentally recorded sensitive information, what should I do?

If you recorded and submitted any sensitive personal data, including but not limited to Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Protected Health Information (PHI) or Personal Financial Information (PFI), contact Global Customer Support (GCS)  support@informatica.com  immediately to ensure deletion from the system.

Additionally, all screen recording that is uploaded to an existing case  can be deleted immediately, However,  the videos uploaded during case creation do not have the delete option.




Can I record a video, save it, and attach it later to my case?


To make it really easy for you, we have integrated it into your ESupport (case management) page so you can easily record and attach videos as you are filling in details. Oftentimes, a project has multiple cases open with us and therefore, we have integrated the recorder to work from the Case page only. This will ensure that the video attached is only related to that case. However, Yes, you can additionally record the issue and upload the video separately. To do this:

  1. Open the screen recording software independently and record your video.
  2. Then on your ESupport (case management) page, click Quick Links > Upload to TSFTP
  3. Upload the file as a regular content into the home folder of  the TSFTP Server.


Why is my video not attached to my case? I uploaded the video but it is not attached to my case.

There could be circumstances where a video fails to upload to the case. A few reasons could be

  • Network connectivity issues
  • An Issue with the actual video recording service.

However, Don’t worry, all the videos that are recorded using the screen recording feature maintain a local copy on your system. The videos are copied on to the following location


You can upload those videos into the TSFTP server as an attachment.


Is it possible to delete an attachment video?

No, once you attach a video, it is not possible to delete it from Updates section on you case page.


I get an I/O exception error when I try to initiate a recording. How do I fix it?

We have had a few customers report of an I/O Exception error or timeout errors while trying to launch the recorder. This is mostly due to the proxy server and security settings in your network. We have a fix for this issue. Please reach out praman to , since we are addressing this issue on a case by case basis since this involves registry changes.



Happy Recording

Informatica Network Team