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In July 2016, Informatica launched a new, first-of-its-kind, cloud-based B2B Gateway with a focus on traditional EDI transaction sets allowing users to build EDI transformation maps and connect with their partners from the cloud—allowing users to “cut the cord” with traditional EDI Managed Services providers and removing the need for an on-premise EDI translator. As Informatica’s B2B Domain Expert, Dan Rezac, says, “This offering allows you to control your own destiny when it comes to business-to-business electronic commerce and interaction.” The new offering enables organizations to implement a hybrid B2B Data Exchangearchitecture taking full advantage of the tangible benefits of cloud-based applications: instant on-demand access, lower TCO, faster partner onboarding cycle times, agile development, better KPI visibility, and robust SLA management. Now companies can easily modernize their B2B Data Exchange; and, more importantly, “future proof” their IT environment.


In this “Meet the Experts” session, you will meet the engineers and implementation experts behind the new B2B Cloud Gateway and have the opportunity to see the product in action and hear about real life implementations, as well as, discussing how listeners can leverage their existing Informatica skills to:

  • Reduce the cost, complexity and time to quickly onboard partners by using a new hybrid  architecture
  • Provide new features and better functionality to rejuvenate your current B2B implementation
  • Utilize hybrid B2B architectures for greater flexibility


Who should attend this webinar?

Informatica Cloud Services (ICS) and Informatica B2B Data Exchange (DX) customers and prospects looking to do more with B2B Data Exchange and extend their environments for agile B2B data integration.


Webex Link for Registration


Presenters :

Alan Lundberg, Daniel Rezac, Thomas Bennet

Date and Time:

August 30th 8:00 AM PST.


Informatica Network Team

This release resolves a critical issue introduced in version 6.9 that caused any LBT-RM or LBT-RU publisher application to fatally assert after sending slightly more than 4 billion messages.


This release also resolves an unrelated application crash that could occur when using the .NET API’s resolver event callback or source cost callback, and an unrelated UMP store crash that could occur when using Receiver-Paced Persistence with some receivers configured to be non-blocking (the non-blocking UMP receiver feature was introduced in version 6.9).


Finally, this release modifies UMP store logging of Session IDs to always print the IDs as unsigned values, simplifying identification of related log entries.


The release includes no other changes. Customers using 6.9 or 6.9.1 should replace those libraries with 6.9.2 at the earliest opportunity.


Informatica Ultra Messaging Streaming Edition 6.9.2 Release Notes


Informatica Ultra Messaging Queuing Edition 6.9.2 Release Notes


Informatica Ultra Messaging Persistence Edition 6.9.2 Release Notes


Informatica Ultra Messaging Router 6.9.2 Release Notes


PAM for Ultra Messaging 6.9.2

You can download the Hotfixes from here.

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