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Productivity Advancements - Dynamic Mapping and SQL to Mapping

Are you looking for flexible mapping templates that you can design once and execute across multiple sources and targets?  Dynamic Mappings and SQL to Mapping are essential features to eliminate production issues, improve developer productivity and reduce overall maintenance cost.


This is a deep-dive technical webinar that covers Dynamic Mappings and SQL to Mapping capabilities available in PowerCenter v10.  Dynamic Mappings are reusable mapping templates that you design once and use against multiple sources and targets. SQL to Mapping is a metadata driven conversion utility that helps you to convert existing external hand-coded SQL to an Informatica Mapping.



  • Technical presentation of Dynamic Mapping and SQL to Mapping
  • How to build a dynamic mapping and execute it?
  • How do you convert an existing hand-coded SQL to a Mapping?
  • Best practices and demo




Deepa Sankar

Elizabeth Duke

Kumara Rajasekar

Webinar details

Date : July 26th 2016

Time: 8:00 AM PST

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Informatica Network team.

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