Informatica Live Data Map 1.0 includes the following capabilities :


Knowledge Graph of all enterprise metadata

  • Semantic Search with Intelligent Facets
  • Advanced Token Matching
  • Related Data Assets
  • Underlying Semantic Content through Data Domains
  • Assigned Custom Attributes
  • Intelligent Facets based on matches
  • Search Auto-complete
  • Business Lineage
  • Summarized Lineage View targeted towards business users
  • Drill Down Lineage view to get more details
  • Automatic Connection Stitching
  • Support for Powercenter and BDM in v1.
  • Relationship Discovery
  • 360 Degree view of Data Assets
  • Reports
  • Views
  • Joins
  • Data Domains
  • Integrated Data Profiling Statistics
  • Data Quality Statistics in the Catalog
  • Column Profiling
  • Inferred Data Types
  • Patterns
  • Data Domain Discovery per Data Source
  • Custom Data Domains Supported
  • Custom Attributes with Business Classifications
  • Single and Multi-Valued Custom Attributes
  • Attribute Propagation
  • Governed Classifications through Business Glossary Integration
  • Big Data Scale
  • Large Scale Deployment with setup on Informatica Managed or Existing Hadoop Cluster
  • Internally uses a fully managed Hadoop cluster to support enterprise scale deployments
  • Can also be deployed on an existing Hadoop cluster
  • Graph technologies to store and query large enterprise knowledge graphs
  • High Load and Search Performance
  • Supports Parallel Metadata Ingestion to quickly update the catalog with multiple sources
  • High Speed Indexing to provide the most updated catalog content to the users.
  • Unmatched search performance over millions of data assets.
  • High Availability
  • Fault tolerance and High availability to provide 24X7 uptime.
  • Connectivity
  • Databases: Oracle, IBM DB2 LUW, SQL Server, Sybase ASE, Netezza, Teradata, JDBC, MySQL
  • Hadoop: Cloudera Navigator, Hive
  • Mainframes: DB2 z/OS, DB2 i5/OS
  • BI: SAP Business Objects
  • Informatica: Informatica Powercenter, Informatica Platform
  • Applications: Salesforce
  • Comprehensive Administration
  • Add Resources to the Catalog
  • Schedule Metadata extracts and Profiling runs.
  • Monitoring and Job control
  • Global and Inline Schedules


Informatica Live Data Map Version 1.0 Release Notes

PAM for Live Data Map Client support Data Store Support

PAM for Live Data Map Client support

PAM for LiveDataMap Client support Platform Support