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What's new on MySupport

Posted by Vidya Oct 16, 2014

In our continued effort to improve our service to you, we are pleased to announce that we have introduced few enhancements in our MySupport portal:


  • Search Support TV videos and Informatica Expert Assistant troubleshooting wizards directly from our Knowledgebase,  and
  • Search the PIM Change Requests (CR) using our CR Tracking and Online Support system.


Search Videos and Informatica Expert Assistant from Knowledgebase (KB)


As part of KB Search enhancement, we have introduced 2 new content types as filters in our KB search page. You can now select Support TV and Expert Assistant as document type filters:



Additionally, you can also filter videos and expert assistant interactive guides by selecting the respective tabs from the search results page.



Searching PIM and Procurement Change Requests

You can now search and track the progress of a Change Request created for our PIM and Procurement products directly, using our CR Tracking system.


To search for a CR:

  1. Login to MySupport and click  Change Request Tracking  from the Online Support section.
  2. In the new page, enter the CR number (for ex:HPM-17012) against CR/Bug Number and click Search..
  3. All the details of the CR should be displayed.
  4. From the Online Support, you  can track the CR number under the corresponding project.
  5. All CRs can be found in the section “Change Request”:



     *Change Request is any enhancement/improvement/bug request made to Product Development.


We sincerely hope that these feature are helpful to all our customers as continue our customer-centric focus and work across the teams to improve the customer experience. Please let us know your thoughts and ideas by commenting below.



MySupport Team

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