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At Informatica, customer success is our top priority and we’re committed to keeping you informed of updates and changes to our features to help you best achieve your business goals. With that in mind, we want to notify you of an important change to way in which cases are created through email.


If you would like to open a new issue with Informatica Global Customer Support, please send the email to in the format shown below.


Email template for opening a new Case:


To open a Case via email, please send emails to using the email template below:

[Project Number]
<Enter only the project number you are opening a Case for>

[Case Priority]
<Enter one of the following:  P1, P2 or P3>


[Case Type]
<Enter one of the following:  Technical, Shipping or Administrative>

[Case Subject]
<Enter the subject of the Case – maximum 64 characters>

[Case Description]
<Enter a brief description about the issue>


If you are responding to an existing Case, please make sure the [ref id] is a part of the email subject or alternatively post an update via the ESupport portal.


To open a new Case online:

1) Log on to

2) Select “Enter Online Support” (in the upper right corner)

3) Select “Create Case”   

4) Complete required information and select submit


By opening a Case online you can upload all relevant troubleshooting information, such as logs, which will allow us to respond more efficiently and resolve your issue more quickly.


To update an existing Case online:

1) Log on to

2) Select “Enter Online Support” (in the upper right corner)

3) Select the Case under “My Open Cases”

4) Use the “Add Update” button under Quick Links to update the Case


We appreciate your business and are here to help you during this transition to support your success. For any further clarifications, please reach out to .


Informatica Global Customer Support.

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