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Do you want to:

  • Increase your working knowledge of Informatica products and be more productive?
  • Quickly add new team members to critical projects and train them so they are more productive and effective?
  • Have a hands-on training experience without having to be in a classroom?

Did you know:

  • Because Informatica onDemand training and eLearning tutorials are self-paced, you can take them on your time schedule
  • Informatica onDemand trainings include hands-on labs just like classroom training

Until March 31st, you can get a 40% discount on all Informatica onDemand and eLearning training -- simply register and pay between March 17-31, 2014 to receive this special discount.

Informatica self-paced training courses cover a wide variety of topics including:

  • PowerCenter for Developers, Administrators and Operations specialists
  • Data Quality for Developers and Analysts
  • Information Lifecycle Management Archiving & Retirement
  • Informatica Lifecycle Management Test Data Management
  • Informatica Lifecycle Management Dynamic Data Masking
  • Master Data Management

Informatica also has a personal onDemand subscription offering. With this subscription, individuals have access to the all the onDemand courses, for up to one year, along with 60 hours of lab time. 

Find onDemand Courses here

Dear Informatica Customers,


We are delighted to announce the next of the Webinar series, "Achieving High Availability through PowerCenter" on 3rd April 2014 from 8 AM to 9AM (PST).


Registrations for the Webinar are now open and the URL to register is (Join as Participant)





High availability feature eliminates a single point of failure in PowerCenter domain and provides minimal service interruption in the event of failure. When you configure high availability for a domain, the domain can continue running despite temporary network, hardware, or service failures.


Below is the high level agenda for this Webinar.

  • What is HA
  • HA at Domain Level (Gateway node HA)
  • Highly available RS and IS
  • Managing resilience
  • Demo
  • Best Practices
  • Q&A


About the Speaker


Ninju is Senior support engineer with Informatica with 6 years of rich experience in solving various customer issues. Other than Power Centre she is also expertise  in various adapter like SAP, Netezza, SAS, Lotus notes to name a few.



If you have any issues registering for the Webinar, please feel free to contact praman or Vidya and we will be glad to help.

Informatica Support Webinars are a monthly initiative from the Global Support Organization, where a Subject Matter expert will be presenting a webinar on a particular product.


You can also suggest the topics of interest and we shall try to get a webinar arranged on the same.



MySupport Portal Team

Dear Customers,


In our continued efforts to improve customer service, we are delighted to announce that on March 7th Informatica Global Customer Support will be launching an all new online Case Management portal. The transition will be seamless and will ensure a better online experience with Informatica Global Support.


What’s new?

• Intuitive case creation wizard closely integrated with our Knowledge base (KB) and Configuration Support Manager (CSM) Systems

• Tabular and Dashboard views of all CSM data on the Home page helping you understand your environment better

• Complete view of case progression with a status meter on the case details page

• Details of the products purchased and the associated support entitlements

• Access to pre-built Project reports


Preview some of the upcoming new and improved features in the video below




More videos are available on our YouTube Channel.



What does this change mean to you?


How you access the portal will not change. All your cases (formerly service requests) opened in the past 2 years have been migrated to the new system. All the migrated cases will have a new “Case Number”. You will receive a notification from Informatica Support with your new case number and instructions on how to update the case. You can continue to manage your Cases using the “MySupport”.


If you contact Informatica Global Customer Support using the telephone for an existing case, please ensure you use the new case number when prompted so that your call will be routed to the support engineer assigned to your case. Your local support center telephone number can be found here.


Have more questions?


Please review our FAQ section below for further queries about the new system and/or process, please contact

Who should read this FAQ?

If you are a read/write or a read-only contact on a project, then this FAQ is for you.

All user's who are read/write or read only contact on a project and have access to our Online case management portal will start using the New Portal from March 7th onward. PCExpress users will continue to receive support through our discussion forums.

1. What are the New terminologies or terminology changes that I need to be aware of?


  • Cases: The Service Requests will now be referred as Cases.
  • Case Reference id : Every email communication will have a case reference id associated with in the subject as well as the body of the email. Customers will have to just respond to the email communications have the  reference id  intact to make sure it gets attached to the right case  when sending email to . a sample of the ref is available below.


  • Dashboards:  A new section that allows you to see reports such as Cases created by Months, Cases by Status, the initial response SLA of Cases Open and Cases reported by Contacts for the selected Project. All data displayed is for the past 365 days.
  • CSM Health Check Report: This section will show you the a quick overview of your CSM environment health check.and other findings of a selected Tech Profile and CSM on the Home page.
  • Escalation Flag: This flag provides you option to Escalate (or re-escalate) a case at any given point of time.

2.  Will all the historic data be migrated to the new system?

Yes, we are migrating 2 years’ worth of data into the new system. All cases opened since

1st January 2012 have been migrated. This includes case emails, comments and attachments as well. All migrated cases on the portal can be identified with the Legacy case number tag in the case details page.




3 . I am the primary contact for my project; will I continue to get the visibility on Cases on my project?


           Yes. There is no change in the existing functionality. As a primary contact on a project, you will continue to have visibility into the cases that are opened and also if there are any changes to the contacts for that project.  An email notification will be sent out to you (the primary contact) every time a new case is opened for the project. Additionally, you can also manage your Project Cases online by clicking on the Cases tab.

Project cases.jpg


4.  Is there a limitation on the size of files I can upload?


Yes, there is a limitation of 5 MB on the size of files that can be uploaded. However if there is a need to upload files greater than 5 MB, you can do so using the uploading the files into the TSFTP server.  This option is available in the case details page.



5. How can I get an export of all my cases?

Unlike before, where you were asked to contact our Customer Liaisons, you can now use the Export to Excel option from the Cases section. You can use the export option for all your open Cases from under “My Open Cases” section and the Project related Cases from under “All Project Cases”.


6 What are the asset and entitlement details?


We have introduced a section on the new support portal called the “Assets and Entitlements” under the Project tab. This section provides information of all the products owned by the project and their support entitlement levels.



7. Where can I view the status of bugs/ enhancements opened on behalf of my Project?


All bugs and enhancements associated with your projects are visible under the Change Requests Sections of Projects Tab. You can also access it from the Change Requests link from the Quick Links section.

Change Requests.jpg

8.  I am a primary contact, how can I manage my other contacts?

All Primary Contacts will have access to add/remove or edit the Project Contacts and their information by accessing the Contacts tab and clicking on the Edit option against the contact name on the portal. Additionally primary contacts also have an option to add any new contacts into the projects, by using the “Create New User” function on the portal.

Contacts Management.jpg

  9. Is there a way to identify the cases that are escalated?

Yes, going forward all cases that are escalated will have the “Escalation” flag enabled in the case details page.



10. What are Project Milestones and why should I share this information?


A project milestone is information on any on-going or future projects that customers have on their road-map. Project milestones shared by a customer is valuable information for Informatica Support since it provides us insight into the type of projects, what stage of the implementation the project currently is in and the tentative go-live date. This also helps Informatica support engage the right resources at the right time and ensure a successful and timely go-live of Informatica projects.


11. How do I search my old SRs with SR number? I did not see any option in the portal to perform this activity.

You can use the Search Cases tab to search for all your (and the Project) Cases. In the Search Cases tab, you can search for cases based on the following fields:

  • Case Number
  • Status
  • Priority
  • Contact Email
  • Cast Type
  • Legacy SR Number
  • Search based on date Range.

A screen shot of the same is available below.




12. How can I view closed cases? I see only open cases so far.


While you can search for all the cases from our Search Cases tab, if you need to look for all your closed cases, you can use the Export to excel option in the Cases tab. This will generate a list of all cases including closed one's.The columns listed are  Case Number, Description, Priority, Status and Project name.

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