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  1. "Attempt to open source failed" while running a B2B Data Transformation project with a large input file (121607)
  2. "Error in java installation" when installing Proactive Monitoring 2.5 in Windows (148104)
  3. “Your local system administrator has not granted you privileges to access any PowerCenter Data Analyzer dashboards, reports or tools” when all the necessary permissions are provided to access the Reporting Service (102467)
  4. No results are displayed even though FAS contains archived data when ‘Search File Archive’ operation is performed from ‘Data Discovery’ menu in ILM (147129)
  5. FAQ: What are the feature differences between IDE 9.0.1 SE and IDE 9.1? (120699)
  6. ERROR: "Unable to parse redo record" occurs repeatedly when Extractor is run by clicking the GUI button and continues processing to the end of the current log in IDR (143216)
  7. ERROR: "[RSVCSHARED_00205] User ['xx'] does not have privilege ['MRS_CREATE_PROJECT'] on repository ['MRS_xx'] in domain ['Domain_xx']" when creating a Model Repository Service (145390)
  8. ERROR: "Could not execute action...Please check the ODBCINI environment variable" when testing the ODBC (connection type) connectivity in the Administration Console in Informatica 9.1.0 (124957)
  9. ERROR: "[DTF_0021] Peer failed to respond to the connection initialization message within timeout period.  The given port may not support the protocol" when configuring Informatica Authentication in DVO (146753)
  10. FAQ: What is Java matcher in Dynamic Data Masking (124761)
  11. HOW TO: Mask the columns in different tables based on string pattern using a single rule with Dynamic Data Masking (124436)
  12. Testing the ODBC connectivity for db2 using dblist fails with error "db_connect_user: Cannot connect to service with uid" (109697)
  13. HOW TO: Use MetaQuery in Support Console to extract information related to Object level property from PowerCenter Repository (134902)
  14. Informatica MDM Performance Foundation Guide (146176)
  15. "ERROR: Error in expanding variable parameter. Please check the Integration Service log for more information" when resource load fails in Metadata Manager 8.6.1 (118985)
  16. "REP_12400: Repository Error (Can't find attribute with id: 31.)" when running TPT sessions after installing PowerCenter 9.5.1 HotFix 2 or later release (154334)
  17. FAQ: What does the message "WRT_8165 - TIMEOUT BASED COMMIT POINT" in the session log mean? (119214)
  18. HOW TO: Rename the PowerExchange Logger datasets on MVS (114048)
  19. Reporting Service fails to start and shows DOM_10079 error message in the console (141392)
  20. Knowledge Link: Ultra Messaging Knowledge Base (147259)




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