Welcome to our all new My Support portal on a Social Business Platform!


We are excited to announce the launch of an all-new My Support portal, powered by the latest version of the Jive Social Business Platform. We have redesigned our layout with simplicity, ease of use, a strong focus on content delivery and effective self-service to all our customers.


So, what's new?


All New and Redesigned Home page


A redesigned, flexible Home page combines your Inbox and Activity streams with elements from your community's Overview page.  You now have easy access to your Profile settings along with Notification alerts.




Consolidated Inbox notifications and Activity Page


Different types of notifications are now rolled up in your Inbox to minimize the number of items you see listed there. You can also now filter by participant in the Inbox.






Now, you can create content right from the Activity page by just clicking the icon for discussion, blog post, document, and so on.





Custom Attention Streams:


Focus your attention by choosing who and what you want to follow in your own custom streams. Your custom streams allow you to focus your attention on what matters: a particular topic, place, or team. For example, you might have streams for new releases, Product Availability Matrices, Posts from the My Support Team, Alerts from a particular space or a post, and so on.


To create a new stream, you just have click New Stream in the Activity stream and start using the Streambuilder to add items. You can save additional content items, people, or places by scrolling through any of your existing streams or flipping through any of the browse cards





When you follow a particular community, you will have the choice select the stream in which you would like to get the alerts:





Ask the Community



Before posting your questions on any of the communities, you can now Ask the Community. The new revolutionary search capability uses a rich understanding of your subject and contexts to predict what you need to know and what you're looking for.








Bring the power of social business into My Support, we now have Facebook like Notifications, Share, Follow and Like options. You can also make use of the @mention option (similar to Twitter mentions) to direct a question at particular member of the community.





Some of the other salient features include:


  1. Auto save option: Automatically saves the content while you are still creating the draft. If you have started a discussion and forgotten to post it and think you have lost the content, do not fret any more! They will be saved in you Drafts under Browse > Content > Drafts.
  2. Trending Content and People: The most viewed topic and people of the My Support will be displayed in your Activity Page.


Beneath this new outlook, our core remains the same. We are still the same people who go the distance, pay attention to details, and who are devoted to provide complete customer satisfaction. 


We would also appreciate your thoughts on how our efforts have resonated with you. Please at mention praman or Vidya to provide your feedback.


MySupport Team