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Dear Informatica Customers,


We are delighted to announce the launch of Informatica Support Webinar series on the MySupport Portal.


This will be a monthly initiative from the Global Support Organisation, where a Subject Matter expert will be presenting a webinar on a particular product.  That's not all, you can also suggest the topics of interest and we shall try to get a webinar arranged on the same.


The first webinar will be hosted on the 7th of February 2013 at 9:00 AM PST


Registrations for the Webinar are now open and the URL to register is  (Join as Participant)


Alternatively, you can also register by visiting the url : and provide the meeting number 594 485 846 and click on "Join Now"


More details are available below:


Topic : Whats new in IDQ v. 9.5.x


Agenda includes


  1. Profiling enhancements
    • Data Domain Discovery
    • Enterprise Discovery
    • Entity Discovery
  2. Human Task/Workflow/IDD
  3. Transformation Enhancements
  4. Content Sets
  5. Q & A



About the Speaker


Robert Whelan is a Data Quality Product Specialist with Informatica Global Customer Support. He has been working with Data Quality in Informatica for 5 years and is the go to person for any IDQ related questions.


If you have any issues registering for the Webinar, Please feel free to contact me at and I will be glad to help.



MySupport Portal Team

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Name: Rohit Vashist

In Rohit's Words:


Informatica support is one shop stop for everything, When ever I face any technical issue on any platform within Informatica Product umbrella . Informatica my support is the 1st place where I look for solutions. It serves everybody's need ( Solution architects, Developers, Administrators, Informatica support teams)

    • My support has vast KB article bank that solves 70%  of issues with in my informatica Environment.
    • It offers Industry Best practice and great technical on Velocity
    • Product PAM and High Quality Documentation
    • How to Library ( Best Self learning)
    • CR tracker
    • Online discussion forums



I am very thankful to Informatica My Support team for blessing us with "My Support" and its vital features, I also appreciate your new initiative


"Informatica SupportTV"  this is a great move and will make your customer more self dependent to fix their Issues. Informatica My support is indeed best support website in the world, I hope this initiative will take "Informatica Family" to greater heights.


Wish you a very Happy New year 2013, and great success to Informatica corp in next fiscal year.


Name: Srikanth Vishnu


According to Srikanth:


My association with Informatica started back in 2003 when I first started working as a developer. Since then, I have been working on different areas within the Informatica space, expanding my technical and domain knowledge.


During these years, Informatica has grown in proportions in terms of introducing new features and technologies into their flagship application, Informatica PowerCenter tool, in line with the current market trend, thereby giving its competitors a run for their money.


Informatica support portal has been offering a platform to discuss technology solutions, sharing ideas and collaborating with people across the continents. It is giving me an opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with the international community, and at the same time, it is giving me a scope to interact and learn from others.


Name: Naveed Rahman


Naveed Says:


“I have been actively using my support portal for a last couple of years. At InfoCepts I have been working in Design and Development on PowerCenter, Data Quality and Data Transformation, Data Services and other Informatica Platform products.


I have shared my knowledge as well as gained a lot of knowledge from my support portal. To me this is the sole shop for great and versatile Informatica solutions where you can find all the Informatica experts under one roof. My knowledge have amplified since I started using this portal as my true guide for solutions. Hats off to this portal and Informatica Support team for doing such a great work!!”


Congratulations to our Q4 winners. They win a 300$, 200$ and 100$ Amazon gift card respectively.


To Learn more details about the Top contributor program, refer to the blog post here .


“We strongly encourage users who ask questions to return to the  forums and hand out reward points to the most helpful users.”





MySupport Portal Team

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