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  1. ERROR: "pmudt_50033: [FATAL] Service Info not found for the service" when session with UDT fails (149023)
  2. HOW TO: Disable event logging in B2B Data Transformation Accelerator (DTA)(118253)
  3. HOW TO: Reconnect RulePoint and RTAM automatically to their database server after a connectivity loss  (145512)
  4. "Select a valid application server. The installation directory does not contain a JBoss Application Server instance when upgrading from DataAnalyzer 8.1.1 or Metadata Manager 8.1.1 to a DataAnalyzer 8.1.1 SP3 or Metadata Manager 8.1.1 SP3 (22269)
  5. Analyst Service fails to start after applying Informatica 9.5.1 HotFix 2 to Informatica 9.5.1 or 9.5.1 HotFix 1 (151448)
  6. FAQ: Can we establish multiple connections at the same time to the same user id in IDR 9.5? (146193)
  7. FAQ: Data Services (110165)
  8. HOW TO: Enable auditing for data discovery access  (141515)
  9. "Could not connect to ODBC. ODBC returns ...Remote Database Not Found: <Data-baseName>" when connecting to DB2 UDB source through ODBC drivers in Data Explorer (107749)
  10. ERROR: "com.informatica.powercenter.sdk.mapfwk.exception.RepoOperationException: The following errors occurred while executing the list objects command:" while importing the source and target metadata in DVO (119082)
  11. IIR Synchronizer does not synchronize records when started separately for multiple IDTs in IIR 9.5 HotFix 1 (148797)
  12. Startup issue when starting TDM server in TDM 9.5.1 or 9.5.2 (149465)
  13. Cloning/Copying/Moving/Relocating/Migrating an ORS and CMX_SYSTEM from one database to another (119017)
  14. ERROR: "DOM_10079 : Cannot start service [mm_svc] on any node specified for the service. Check the service log and resolve any error listed for the service. Then restart the service." while starting the Metadata Manager service in 9.1.x (148263)
  15. ERROR: "WRT_8165 TIMEOUT BASED COMMIT POINT" in session log in PowerCenter (138428)
  16. REP_12400 : Repository Error (Can't find attribute with id: 6.) when running a BW extraction session (146878)
  17. PWX-00752 DTLREXE Startup Error <Failed Client Connect RCs=1217/5/-1>." when running PowerExchange dtlrexe ping command (150275)
  18. HOW TO: Configure Reporting and Dashboard Service on an Existing Database User (146036)
  19. HOW TO: Use MetaQuery in Support Console to extract information related to Object level property from PowerCenter Repository (134902)
  20. Knowledge Link: UM Objects (150675)




  1. Finding performance bottlenecks from PowerCenter session log
  2. Mtools - Tools for Testing Multicast Connectivity
  3. How to automate the repository and domain back up process for disaster recovery in PowerCenter
  4. Push Down Optimization in PowerCenter
  5. Using LDAP Authentication in an Informatica Domain
  6. Post Session Emails On Linux/ Unix
  7. Pass Through Ports - XML and Web Services
  8. Data Quality Content Installation
  9. How to mask data for specific users using Dynamic Data Masking tool
  10. How to configure node heartbeat intervals for internal health check of Informatica nodes and domain




  1. PowerCenter Product Changes from 8.6.1 to 9.5.1
  2. Running a Workflow on a PowerCenter Grid
  3. How to Use PowerCenter with Teradata to Load or Unload Data
  4. PowerCenter Repository Maintenance
  5. How to Use PowerCenter Web Services to Extend the Power of Data Integration
  6. Calling a Web Service from a Web Service Consumer Transformation in Informatica Developer
  7. Code Page Settings and Performance Settings for the Data Validation Option
  8. Using SequeLink to Access Data
  9. Upgrading PowerCenter 8.1.1 to Informatica 9.1.0 HotFix 3 Using the Command Line
  10. Informatica Data Explorer Sizing Guidelines

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