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Dear Informatica Customers,


We are delighted to announce the next of the Webinar series, Harnessing Social Media Data with Informatica on 26th September 2013 from 8 AM to 9AM (PST).


Registrations for the Webinar are now open and the URL to register is   (Join as Participant)





More details are available below:


The topic focuses on how to harness the social media data with the help of Informatica


Agenda includes:


  • Informatica Connectivity to Social media connectors (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Informatica Connectivity for Datasift
  • Connector benefits
  • Why Informatica connector for social media and datasift


About the Speaker


Vishnupriya Krishnamurthy is a Lead Support Engineer with over 6 years of experience in helping Informatica customers to integrate and unleash the potential of data.



If you have any issues registering for the Webinar, please feel free to contact Pattabhi at and he should be able to help.


InfaSupport Webinars are a monthly initiative from the Global Support Organization, where a Subject Matter expert will be presenting a webinar on a particular product.


Please do let us know if you have any topics of interest and we shall try to get a webinar arranged on the same.



MySupport Portal Team

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Thank you all for attending the third INFASupport Webinar that was hosted on 07/25/2013 .The webinar on "PowerCenter Connectivity to Data Warehouse Appliances" was brought to you by Informatica Global Customer Support.


The recording of the Webinar can be viewed at :

or through Support TV on Informatica MySupport portal.




Topic: PowerCenter Connectivity to Data Warehouse Appliance


Over the years, enterprise data has been stored in disparate silos and for several of the data sources. These data sources contain legacy information that may be valuable and which will need to be included as part of the overall business intelligence and analytics process. For PowerCenter to integrate with such data warehouse appliances there is a need for adapters. Some key features provided by our adapters are:


  • Lower development costs by supporting rapid impact assessment and deployment as changes arise, through automated metadata capture
  • Prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data by accessing data directly, rather than extracting files and transferring them to less-secure environments
  • Maximize return on investments by supporting rapid access to standards-based sources and targets, enhancing business agility


Agenda for this session includes:

  • Need for Data ware house appliances and Rainbow of options in PowerCenter
  • Achieve high performance with PowerExchange GreenPlum
  • Bulk loading capabilities with PowerExchange Netezza
  • Simply data loading process with PowerExchange for TPT
  • Troubleshooting Guidelines
  • Q & A



About the Speaker


Prashanth Keshva is a Lead SME with over Seven years of experience in helping Informatica customers as support Engineering.  He is currently the team lead of APAC Support team.



This Webinar series is a monthly initiative from the Informatica Support, where Subject matter experts will be presenting on different products from a support perspective.


You can log on to our Support portal or follow us on twitter at for more details about the next topics lined up for the coming months.


All those who attended the Webinar, we request you to give your feedback through our Poll at:




MySupport Portal Team

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