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Next of the Webinar series on "Protecting Sensitive Data in Development and Test Environments Using Persistent Data Masking (PDM)" will be on 30th May 2013 from 8 AM to 9AM (PST).


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More details are provided below:



Test data Management also called “Persistent data masking and data subset”, provides data masking, data subset, and data discovery capabilities to manage non-production data in any organization.


This mainly integrates PowerCenter and Informatica applications to provide a solution to manage non-production data in your organization. Organizations can create multiple copies of production data and mask sensitive data, which can be then be used for development and testing.


Below are the key areas that will be covered under this topic.


  • Introduction to TDM
  • TDM Architecture
  • TDM Components
  • Discovering sensitive fields
  • Inplace Data Masking
  • Instream Data Masking
  • Other Data Masking Techniques
  • Command Line utilities
  • Backup and Restoring Components
  • Troubleshooting Guidelines
  • Q&A


About the Speakers:


Nagaraja Ganiga is a Senior Support Engineer with four years of experience in helping Powercenter, Metadata Manager and TDM customers


Nithya Babu is a Senior Technical Support Engineer with 3 years of Development Experience implementing Data warehousing projects using various ETL Tools and over 2 Years of Support Experience in Informatica, working on products like Test data Management, Dynamic Data Masking, Metadata Manager, and Complex Event Processing.



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