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Name: Yogesh Agrawal


In Yogesh's words:


I have been actively using MySupport portal to gain a lot of knowledge and expertise in Informatica platform products. At InfoCepts I have been working on Informatica platform products like PowerCenter, DataServices, Informatica cloud and many others. As I look back from here and remember the day since I started using MySupport Portal, I am a completely different person now. My knowledge on Informatica domain has increased a lot, since I shared and gained a lot of knowledge from the Informatica MySupport community members.


This site provides all the knowledge related to Informatica under one roof- we have KB articles, PAM, product documents, support videos and many other things which solves our problems instantly.Informatica Marketplace is one of the best thing provided by Informatica to get ready made solution for most of the data integration scenarios.


I would like to thank Informatica team for providing such a fantastic platform to the Informatica community members !!



Name: Srikanth Vishnuvajhala


In Srikanth's words:

Informatica has been offering a wonderful support platform to learn and share my experience in the form of interacting with fellow community members. Knowledge sharing enables community members to capitalize on lessons learned by gaining insight and understanding from experience.


Visiting Informatica Support portal has become a part of my daily routine and it’s been an honor to take part in technical discussions with some of the best talents who thinks out of the box and will come up with best possible solutions for any given problem.


I take this opportunity to congratulate Informatica for providing an informative and feature rich support portal where it benefits both novice and experts in gaining the knowledge and sharpen the skills.

The site is truly a worldwide effort and yet without your desire and hard work to make it a reality, it would have never happened.


Name: Naveed Rahman


In Naveed's words:


“I have been actively using my support portal and has been associated with Informatica for a last couple of years. At InfoCepts I have been working in Design and Development on power center, data quality and data transformation, data Services, Power Exchange and other Informatica Platform products.


I have shared my knowledge as well as gained a lot of knowledge from my support portal. My experience keeps on increasing as I used my support portal to gain a lot of things. To me this is the sole shop for great and versatile Informatica solutions where you can find all the Informatica experts under one roof.


Since I started using my support portal I am a completely different person now. My knowledge has greatly increased, thanks to great and versatile solutions provided in my support portal and Informatica Marketplace.


My support portal helped me a lot when I started working on Power Exchange for Oracle CDC. Thank you Informatica team for providing such a wonderful platform for all the Informatica techies to come together and share their knowledge !!"



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