As we continue to see increase in number of products to support and increasing number of logs and diagnostic data when resolving customer service requests, there is a compelling need for single diagnostic platform that helps collect all these information in one click.  To avoid the multiple iterations between support engineer and customers in collecting the diagnostic data and to improve overall productivity of customer’s helpdesk, we are proud to announce the launch of a new application called "Log Express" to all our customers.


This tool enables deeper troubleshooting by looking for specific scenarios and collecting huge amounts of data in one swoop for use by Informatica support engineers.


A “self-help” web-based application, this tool unobtrusively collects all required diagnostic data including logs, configuration reports, workflow exports, etc. from a customer’s environment and uploads it to Informatica in order to dramatically decrease the problem discovery time.


Its scenario-based Wizards UI helps customers understand problem type and identify all appropriate logs for upload – so the task is done correctly and completely the first time. Once logs are transferred, they are parsed by a mining engine that enables engineers to narrow down the issue, isolate problems areas and detect anomalies. This results in  overall time to resolution reduced by 25%, significant support engineer productivity increase, enhanced product quality through monitoring of error trends.


You can get more details on this application from the following link:



My Support Portal Team