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Thank you all for attending the second INFASupport Webinar that was hosted on 03/28/2013 .The webinar on "Introduction to Informatica MDM HUB and basic troubleshooting" was brought to you by Informatica Global Customer Support.


The recording can be viewed at : or through Support TV on Informatica MySupport portal.



The Agenda for the Topic included:


  • MDM Components
  • HUB Environments
  • Process Flow
  • Necessity to Optimizing HUB Environment
  • Drivers for Match Configuration
  • Best Version of Truth
  • IDD Timeline
  • Troubleshooting Guidelines
  • Q & A


About the Speaker:


Jitendra Malhotra is a MDM Principal Support Engineer with over six years of experience in helping MDM customers as support Engineering and Support Account Manager. He is currently the team lead of MDM North America Support team.



This Webinar series is a monthly initiative from the Informatica Support, where Subject matter experts will be presenting on different products from a support perspective.


You can log on to our Support portal or follow us on twitter at for more details about the next topics lined up for the coming months.


All those who attended the Webinar, we request you to give your feedback through the Poll posted on our portal at:





MySupport Portal Team

Yes, Informatica Global Customer Support (GCS) team won two awards last week.


The team was honored with the 2013 Gold Stevie Award for its Use of Technology in Customer Service, specifically the MySupport Portal.






This past year, GCS has focused on using technology to empower customers to avoid/manage/resolve issues through Informatica's award-winning MySupport Portal. Recognized by the Association of Support Professionals as one of the world's "Ten Best Web Support Sites," MySupport is earning considerable plaudits from customers for its use of technology, specifically:


  • New Support TV and,
  • Highly personalized user experience


These directly translates into increased and more effective use of MySupport resources, a strengthening of those resources, decreased site attrition, and increased call deflections.


In addition the team was also recognized with a 2013 Bronze Stevie for Innovation in Customer Service for its two next-generation proactive support tools:


  • Informatica Support Console
  • Log Express tool




The personalized Support Console is a software solution that monitors, manages and diagnoses Informatica products to detect issues in near real-time and reduce the risk of downtime.


A new extension to Informatica Support Console, is the Log Express tool that enables even deeper troubleshooting, looking for specific scenarios and collecting huge amounts of data in one swoop for use by Informatica support engineers.


For more details about new offerings from Informatica, view our Press Release -


New @InformaticaCorp Global #Customer Support Offerings Drive Self-Service, Mobile & Proactive #Customer Support


Tweet This: Congrats @INFASupport for Gold & Bronze Stevies - Use of Technology & Innovation in Customer Service @TheStevieAwards




My Support Portal team

Every new section that we add in MySupport is driven by our commitment to our customer success. As this commitment continues, we are delighted to announce the launch of our all new and comprehensive Customer Enablement programs.


These are pre-packaged courses that cover technical concepts, real-time demo and creative courses that are made to equip our Enterprise and Mission Critical customers with skills, to do their jobs better.


These courses have been developed by our Customer Enablement team, comprising of Support Engineers, Product Specialists, Technical Experts and Knowledge Management team. They have been designed to be taken at your own space and at your own pace by logging into My Support portal anytime. The objective type assessment at the end of the course should help you understand the concepts better, comprehend them completely and refresh your learning.


Currently, the courses are available for various Technical Concepts and on different features of Informatica Products. Some of the courses that have been added are:


  • PowerCenter Overview
  • Partitioning in PowerCenter
  • Performance Tuning in PowerCenter
  • ILM User and Security
  • PowerExchange Architecture
  • SAP Training
  • And, technical concepts such as Data Warehousing, XML Concepts and Web Services


You can access the course from MySupport at: Support Enablement Materials


This is just a beginning! Watch out this space for more courses and enablement material.


If you have any queries about the elearning courses, mail us at




My Support Portal Team

KB Articles

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  8. Using Groups and Roles to Manage Informatica Access Control
  9. How to Use PowerCenter with Teradata to Load or Unload Data
  10. Moving a Node to Another PowerCenter Domain


  1. Push Down Optimization in PowerCenter
  2. INFASupport Webinar recording "What's new in IDQ V9.5.x"
  3. Getting started on Data profiling
  4. How to automate the repository and domain back up process for disaster recovery in PowerCenter
  5. How to Integrate PowerCenter with B2B Data Transformation
  6. Using LDAP Authentication in an Informatica Domain
  7. Migrating from Informatica Data Quality 8.6.2 to Informatica 9.0.1
  8. Create and Preview a Flat File Data Object in Informatica Developer 9.5.1
  9. System Performance analysis using 'nmon' on AIX and Linux
  10. How to setup Salesforce Outbound Message in Informatica Cloud

Dear Informatica Customers,


We are delighted to announce the 2nd Webinar of the series, Introduction to MDM HUB on 28th March 2013 from 8 AM to 9AM (PST) .


Registrations for the Webinar are now open and the URL to register is (Join as Participant)




  1. You can also register by visiting the URL:
  2. Provide the meeting number: 595 438 167
  3. Click on "Join Now"


More details are available below:


Topic: Introduction to MDM HUB  Informatica


Master Data Management helps streamline data by removing duplicate records, cleansing data, standardizing the data through Trust and Validation rules and eventually consolidating data so it could be consumed by end users in its corrected state.   Data from MDM is used by downstream systems, eliminating conflicting information and providing quality-assured data called the BEST Version of Truth.


Topic focuses on the Introduction to MDM and how data goes through various stages in order to get to the Best Version of Truth and some troubleshooting guidelines.


Agenda includes:


  • MDM Components
  • HUB Environments
  • Process Flow
  • Necessity to Optimizing HUB Environment
  • Drivers for Match Configuration
  • Best Version of Truth
  • IDD Timeline
  • Troubleshooting Guidelines
  • Q & A



About the Speaker:


Jitendra Malhotra is a MDM Principal Support Engineer with over six years of experience in helping MDM customers as support Engineering and Support Account Manager. He is currently the team lead of MDM North America Support team.




If you have any issues registering for the Webinar, please feel free to contact Pattabhi at and he will only  be glad to help.


Webinars are a monthly initiative from the Global Support Organization, where a Subject Matter expert will be presenting a webinar on a particular product.  That's not all, you can also suggest the topics of interest and we shall try to get a webinar arranged on the same.



MySupport Portal Team

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