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Ever wish you could get Informatica Support and services optimized for your tablet or mobile phones?


Yes, you can now stay ahead of the curve with our comprehensive Support Mobile app …. perfectly optimized just for your Apple or Android platforms!


This App provides our customers an additional way to access Informatica Support for easy SR Management, quick access to some of our training materials including Support Videos, Webinars, effective CR management and real-time notifications, alerts etc.


Some of the salient features of this app are:


  • Prompt notifications on Service Request that waiting for your inputs.
  • Quick Project Dashboard to depict cases waiting on Informatica.
  • Easy drill-down to Service Request Activities.
  • Personalized view of service requests you own.
  • Quick Reply option on an activity.
  • Real-time updates on Informatica support tweets.
  • New product and hotfix announcements.
  • Instant Option for calling Informatica Support.
  • Watch Support Videos and Support Webinars.
  • Track Changes requests.
  • Recent Recommendations personalized for your environment.


What's New in the latest versions:


Changes in v1.5


  • Watch Support Videos and Support Webinars
  • Track Changes requests
  • Recent Recommendations personalized for your environment
  • Usability improvements


Changes in v1.0.1


  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • Usability Improvements


You can download this App from the following links:


store-apple.gif android-google-play-badge.jpg


For feedback and issues regarding the App, write to

Thank you all for attending the INFASupport Webinar, the first of the Informatica Support Webinar series that was hosted on 02/07/2013 .The webinar on "Whats new in Informatica Data Quality 9.5.x" was brought to you by Informatica Global Customer Support.


The Agenda for the Topic included:


  • Profiling enhancements
  • Data Domain Discovery
  • Enterprise Discovery
  • Entity Discovery
  • Human Task/Workflow/IDD
  • Transformation Enhancements
  • Content Sets
  • Q & A



About the Speaker


Robert Whelan is a Data Quality Product Specialist with Informatica Global Customer Support. He has been working with Data Quality in Informatica for 5 years and is the go to person for any IDQ related questions.



The recording can be viewed at


This Webinar series is a monthly initiative from the Informatica Support, where Subject matter experts will be presenting on different products from a support perspective.


You can log on to our Support portal  or follow us on twitter at for more details about the next topics lined up for the coming months.

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