Continuing our efforts to provide the best user experience, we are proud to announce some exciting features on MySupport Portal.


Some of the features are:


  • Product Document Version Filters: This has been one of the most awaited features on the MySupport Portal. You can now filter the Product Documents based on the Product Version. In the Product Documents Home page, after selecting the Product Family, Product Name and Document Type, the Product Version filter is displayed  listing all the versions for selected product.



Please note that Product Version is displayed only after you select the Product Family, Name and Document Type. It is not displayed as part of the default filters.


  • Informatica Platform as a new Product Family: For easy access of all the Informatica v9.x resources, we have introduced a new Product Family called “Informatica Platform”. The products that are a part of this family are:
    • Informatica 9

    • Informatica 9.5 (will be updated by end of June)


  • Quick Link widget: All customer projects using the Secret groups functionality, can now access the different sections of the portal through the quick link widget. The quick link widget will provide you easy access to MySupport Home page, Knowledge Base, Multimedia Knowledge Base, CSM and other sections from the Home page of the secret group.



We would love to hear from you. Please send us your feedback at or leave a comment on this blog.




MySupport Team