Informatica Global Customer Support (GCS) is excited to announce the launch of new, which provides a web interface to upload/download files to/from the server. This server now supports the following transfer protocols:



  • SFTP



Some of our exciting features are:

  • Provides you a simple and secure way to quickly transfer files
  • Ensure privacy and confidentiality with end-to-end encryption and non-repudiation, while uploading/downloading files using the web interface
  • Enhanced web-based user interface provides streamlined end user experience for sign-on, working with file/folders, and sign-off
  • Provides automatic notification and alerts upon file upload and download
  • No more remembering of project numbers and traversing through “Project” folders - users can upload files into their home directory
  • End user interface available in English, German, French, and Spanish
  • File integration checking and guaranteed delivery when files are transferred through the new web interface


For more details, see our TSFTP FAQ document