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In our constant efforts to improve your experience on MySupport  we have built new functionalities to personalize your browsing experience.



Some of the exciting new features that have been implemented are:



  • Manage product profile: Using this widget you can build your product profile. This sets the foundation for your personalized experience
  • Product Support Centers:  This widget list the products in your product profile. It also provides the ability to switch the  view from “My products” to  “All products” at given point in time.
  • Three tabbed dynamic widget: The three tabbed dynamic widget in the center of the home page, will display the “Recent Discussion” “Recent Documents” and “Recent H2L” depending on the products saved in your profile. The same functionality is available under all product communities too.
  • Tabbed Navigation: It’s now easier to find the most used areas using the tabbed navigation. Once you navigate to a product community, the product document tab will display only the content relevant to that product/family.
  • Product Categorization : In order to make the navigation easier and provide better browsing experience by products we have categorized the products in the following order




Application   ILM
Application ILM
Data Archive
Data Subset
Data Warehouse   Advisor
B2B Data Exchange
B2B Data Exchange
B2B Data   Transformation
Cloud Data Integration
Cloud Data   Integration
Complex Event Processing
Complex Event   Processing
Real-Time Alert   Manager
Data Masking
Dynamic Data Masking
Persistent Data   Masking
Test Data Management
Data Quality
Data Quality
Data Explorer
Data Replication
Data Replication
Fast Clone
Enterprise Data Integration
Data Services
Master Data Management
Master Data   Management
MDM Multidomain   Edition
MDM Registry Edition
Identity Resolution
Ultra Messaging
Ultra Messaging Cache
Ultra Messaging Persistence Edition
Ultra Messaging Queueing Edition
Ultra Messaging Streaming Edition




This is just the beginning to a personalized experience. Stay tuned for more exciting features in the coming months.



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Informatica Portal Team

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