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Velocity, Informatica’s methodology for implementing world class data integration and data management solutions, has just rolled out a new website. This is a key step for the Next Generation Velocity since the site is based on a flexible content management system that enables rapid publication of best practice content.

Informatica’s implementation methodology has served Informatica customers and partners well for over 12 years. During that time it has continuously expanded in scope and sophistication to the point where Velocity 9 is perceived by many as not only the best source of guidance and best practices on the use of Informatica products, but also as a brand that is synonymous with world-class quality integration solutions.


While Velocity has served Informatica customers and partners well over the past 12 years, we are not done improving it. The goals for the next generation Velocity include:


  • Implementing a new Content Management System (CMS) to publish, govern and deliver Velocity content. The CMS platform is based on Joomla! – an open source content management system. If you are an Informatica Customer or Partner, you can access the new Velocity home page from My Support as usual. Key features are the new search capability, filtering/viewing content by project type, project phase, or other tags, and the new feedback tools. And of course all the traditional Velocity content with hot links between the articles is still there. Let us know what you think.
  • Engaging all stakeholders (customers, partners and all Informatica groups) in contributing to and using Velocity content. In the past, the vast majority of content in Velocity was developed by Informatica Professional Services. Going forward our goal is to make it easier for ALL Informatica users and professionals to submit best practices and help improve the methodology.
  • Significantly reducing the cost and time for customers to implement and use the Informatica Platform. The Informatica Platform has expanded tremendously in the past 10 years, and there is no end in sight. The next generation Velocity will address the challenges of using multiple Informatica products in multiple projects and across an enterprise.


In conjunction with the Velocity update, we are announcing the availability of the Velocity for Data Integration course as a scheduled offering. This 3 ½ day course leverages the experience and best practices of the Velocity Methodology program in implementing a wide range of data integration projects. Individuals successfully completing the course will receive “Velocity for Data Integration” certification. Further information and course schedule is available on the Informatica Global Education Services website (search term “Velocity”).


In short, there are exciting times ahead for Velocity and we have just started. Comments welcome!


Velocity can accessed form the portal Home Page -> Support Solutions Center -> Velocity

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