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Have you monitored CPUs, managed multiple environments, diagnosed critical issues, and resolved them real-time using Informatica Support Console?


The enhanced Informatica Support Console 2.0 will allow you to do all this and more.


Informatica Support Console 2.0 now supports Informatica 9. With this, you can monitor your MRS, DIS, AT, and Administration Console processes. This version includes new integrated diagnostic tools for Informatica 9 such as InfaDump and InfaLogs.


The new diagnostic tool Insight helps you in better understanding of valuable operational metadata information available only in your Powercenter metadata repository. (This is in addition to the “Metaquery” feature which is already available in Support Console) .


The following are significant enhancements in this version:


1. Support for Informatica 9

  • Monitor CPU and Memory Usage of MRS, DIS, AT and Administration Console processes.
  • Provide a single interface to monitor multiple domains
  • Configure rules to detect critical exceptions and set threshold alerts.


2. Native Informatica 9 Troubleshooting Tools- InfaDump and InfaLogs

  • InfaLogs collects and archives the services, sessions, and workflow logs in a single click
  • InfaDump retrieves the stack trace and heap dump from either a core file or a hanging process on any UNIX Platform and creates diagnostic output.

3. Insight- A new diagnostic tool for a better understanding of the data that is available only in your repository.

  • A utility that examines your repository and graphically presents the usage statistics of key areas like:
    • Connection Usage
    • Transformation Usage
    • Amount of Data Processed
  • Export to PDF option.



Want to try the new Support Console2.0?


Open a Service request through Online support or send an email to


Visit support console community page for latest documentation of v2.0

We have personalized your Informatica Online Support portal experience with a newly designed interface. The enhanced features offer you an enriched online interaction. The portal home page will be your starting point to a whole new user experience in Informatica’s online support.


What is new on Informatica Online Support?


The new version of Informatica Online Support is developed on Web 2.0 platform. It has some exciting new additions such as:


  • Easy navigation and intuitive interface with Quick Links to all major functions on the Home page.


  • Personalized experience where you see your latest 5 SRs when you login to the My Support portal. The display priority is in this order:
    • Waiting on Customer Status
    • Waiting on Support Status
    • Closed SRs
    • Currently No Open SR

  • When you access the Online Support from the My Support portal, you will see a list of all your projects.


  • Export allows you to query and export your service requests as well as search, refine, and export the results to a delimited or HTML file.


  • Select Project enables you to easily select your project from multiple projects. Selecting a project from the Select Project section will display all the information related to that project. If you have a single project, the Select Project section will not be shown and by default all information related to your project will be displayed.


  • The Technical Profile section has been simplified. You can now update your profile in a few seconds.


  • With Quick Links you have all options at your fingertips in an easy to find location.


  • With the new interface, working on multiple projects just got effortless.


  • Quick Search allows you to easily search SRs with any search keyword.


  • Optimized web page for best display at 1024x768 or higher screen mode and much more.



View the Multimedia KB to get a glimpse of the new online support experience

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