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Here at Informatica, the customer support team has been busy preparing updates to our Global Customer Support offerings, including a new and improved Twitter Service.


In keeping pace with the adoption of social networking, we are expanding the communication channels to include new options to contact us through social media. There are a number of great social media systems, but perhaps the simplest one for business use is Twitter. With that in mind, we're excited to announce the launch of a dedicated Twitter channel: @INFASupport.


Through @INFASupport we will share information on product updates, webinars, new support resources, events and more. This Twitter account is designed exclusively for customers, and supplements other social media and communication options which we've set up, including our MySupport Community. We're also using Twitter to listen to you, and discover how we might help you get even more value out of your Informatica products.


Don't forget that Informatica's Customer Support offers a number of other great resources for finding out information:


  • Global Customer Support
  • MySupport Portal
  • MySupport Community Forums
  • Community Knowledge Base etc.


Many of you already use Twitter, and we're excited to join the conversation. And if you're not on Twitter, we hope you will check it out and join us in the brave new world of social media. It's easy to sign up and follow @INFASupport. We look forward to seeing your Tweets and continuing to serve the needs of our dynamic global customer base.

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