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Digital transformation is a team sport, and data is the soul of digital transformation. Despite considerable investment in data, the value is often locked in data silos and held hostage by lack of collaboration within the organization. How do you unlock cross-functional collaboration to foster a data-informed, insight-driven culture?


Join our Fall 2021 product launch to Unlock Collaboration, Build Trust, and Democratize Data. You’ll get a look at the industry’s first cloud-native data marketplace, augmented MDM, and DataOps with our Intelligent Data Management Cloud. Now both technical and non-technical teams can easily build data pipelines and collaborate, access, and share trusted data, augmented with collective data intelligence through an Amazon-like data marketplace, intuitive 360 views, and AI-powered network graphs. See these new capabilities across four key journeys on the Intelligent Data Management Cloud:


Business 360: Safeguard the success of every digital transformation with augmented MDM. Support business self-service with visual analytics and business collaboration with tailored workflows for reference data management. Adopt MDM faster by removing error-prone manual efforts when moving MDM into production. Maintain MDM process transparency for non-technical teams by easily viewing and analyzing the results of data matching and quality processes.


Data Warehouse and Lake: Democratize cloud data engineering with wizard-driven app ingestion and change data capture. Increase productivity with augmented data integration leveraging CLAIRE-powered self-integrating systems. Increase collaboration between data scientists and data engineers with automated MLOps and DataOps capabilities. Govern costs by automatically leveraging AWS Spot instances and Graviton processors—save up to 90% of your compute costs.


Data Governance, Privacy & Catalog: Enable data consumers to find, understand, access, and trust the data they need with the industry’s first cloud data marketplace. Simplify and accelerate the application of data quality standards at scale with cloud-native data governance and catalog as a service with automated data quality assessments. Enable deep metadata connectivity and automated data lineage across multi-cloud and hybrid with new advanced scanners.


AI-Powered Automation with CLAIRE: Accelerate time-to-value and reduce costs by automatically inferring and recommending common data quality rules, automating schema mappings by identifying objects that are semantically related, and reducing manual stewardship efforts with a self-learning bot that predicts curation requirements for uncurated data assets.


Don’t miss:

  • New Features and Demos: Experience the latest innovations as Informatica experts demonstrate new features and capabilities across Business 360; Data Warehouses and Lakes; Data Governance, Privacy, and Catalog; and AI-Powered Automation with CLAIRE.
  • Live chat: Informatica experts will answer all your questions live.


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In our continued efforts to improve customer service, we are delighted to announce that Informatica Global Customer Support has launched an all-new online Case Management (eSupport) portal scheduled to go live over the weekend of 16 October 2021. The transition will be seamless and will ensure a better online experience for you with Informatica Global Customer Support.


Watch a video on the Overview of our all-new eSupport here.


What’s new in eSupport?


  • Mobile Responsive User Interface
    A completely re-designed mobile-responsive user interface to provide a seamless user experience on most handheld and mobile devices.


  • Cloud Status availability
    Close integration with the Cloud Status Dashboard to provide details about availability and about any upcoming or ongoing maintenance activities on Informatica Cloud Platform. As a Cloud customer, you will receive timely notification of any ongoing service outages and scheduled maintenance in the IICS (Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services) PODs where the IICS Org is hosted. This notification will appear while you are on the eSupport Home Screen or while you are attempting to raise a support case.


  • Naming Convention changes

As we dwell on providing you with an enhanced experience with our new improvised and evolved eSupport, we would like you to be aware that the earlier concept of “Project” will now be called a “Support Account”. Going forward, you will have a new Support Account number, which will be communicated to you as part of this change.


Similarly, every open case will also acquire a new case number, which will be communicated to you on the day this change becomes effective in the system.


  • Case Communication
    As part of our efforts to make your experience consistent and provide you with a cleaner representation of the chronological sequence of communication with support, we are introducing case updates that are modern, industry trending, and web-driven rather than email communications.

In the new model of communication, you (as a Case/alternate contact) will receive an email notification for a case update logged by the Support personnel. The email notification will have the update details and other case details as well as a “View Case” button, clicking on which you will be taken to the Case directly on eSupport where you can perform your necessary action. Alternatively, you can also respond back to the email.


Watch a video on how to create a new case with Informatica eSupport.


  • Intelligent Case Description Quality Indicator
    Case Description Quality Indicator (CDQI) helps you provide the right level of information while opening a case. The CDQI assesses the issue from the case title and description that you have provided and provides you with an indicative strength of the information provided in the case. This will help the support team to start troubleshooting with as much information as required. The higher the indicator value, the more detailed the description of the issue.

  • Dynamic Log Recommendation
    A new Log recommender integrated with the case creation flow to recommend the right logs required to troubleshoot the case. The Log recommender recommends applicable log files that are relevant to the problem description. These would be the log files and information that will be most sought by our Support personnel to assess your problem and provide you with the next steps for resolution faster.


  • Enhanced Search features on Case Management
    In the eSupport case management screen, you can now search for cases based on any key string or field, which will make it intuitive for you to manage and search for specific cases.


Watch a video on how to search and download cases.


  • Case Attachments
    Our new module on sending Attachments to the support team has kept in mind the ease with which you can send attachments, log files, and information to the support team. You can now attach files as big as 2 GB per file. If you have any attachments greater than 2 GB, you can use our TSFTP site to upload the attachments that will be received by the support team for troubleshooting.


Watch a video on how to modify a case.

  • Enhanced Contact Management Framework
    Streamlined Contact management framework allows you to add contacts to cases during and/or after a case is opened. You will now be able to add, remove, edit main contacts, and alternate contacts in the Support Account with ease. This will help your contacts to be part of the case whenever there is a need to include a registered contact in a case while creating a case or in a case in flight. This gives the ability to the Support Account Admin and the Case owner to independently self-manage their contacts. Also, you can now have up to 2 Primary contacts on your Support Account.


       Watch a video on how to add/remove contacts.

At Informatica, our values are “DATA”.


Do good

Act as one team

Think Customer First

Aspire to the future


With these values in mind and as we look ahead to the new year, it’s imperative we take into consideration your feedback on working with Informatica.


As such, we are asking every Informatica user to share their experience on Gartner Peer Insights. Your honest feedback will help us continuously evolve and deliver the best possible product and services to you—our valued customers.


As a bonus, you will be able to select a charity to receive a $25 donation for each approved review you submit between now and the end of the year.


Click here to get started!

Dear Valued Customer,


As COVID-19 continues to impact the global community, we share the same urgency, focus, and goal of supporting our employees, customers, and families through a time of great uncertainty. We have been closely monitoring the evolving situation and, in light of the growing number of cases reported, we are following guidance from the World Health Organization and the U.S. Center for Disease Control. We have augmented our business operations to help ensure the continuity and support of our customers, employees, and communities.


We want to update you on the steps Informatica has taken to ensure our customers around the world and around the clock will be able to rely on Informatica products and services for your priorities. We know how critical our platform is to your operations and are committed to ensuring you are able to fulfill your organization’s business outcomes.

Meeting our customer commitments is our top priority and with our teams distributed globally, we are adapting as needs change. Our workforce is accustomed to leveraging collaborative technologies to work outside of the office. As part of our business continuity planning, we are confident in the ability of our systems and processes to handle our employees working remotely, and we are well equipped to maintain the high-quality customer service and support you have come to expect from us.

We have minimized employee travel, both international and domestic, and have our global teams working remotely to ensure social distancing. You can be assured that the Informatica field team is committed to supporting all of our customers. While we are encouraging our employees to work remotely if your organization relies on in-person engagement with us we will do our best to support you without compromising the safety of anyone.


This is an unprecedented time, and the situation is changing daily. We are committed to ensuring you continue to receive the highest quality service from us without disruption. For any questions, reach out to your account representative and/or your customer success manager. We also understand that there could be times where you need immediate help above and beyond your current SLAs, in those situations, please call your local support center. You can find the contact details at


We feel privileged to be your partner. If there is anything else we can do to help your business, I can be directly reached at as well.



Ansa Sekharan

Chief Customer Officer, Informatica LLC


The Informatica Success Portal Team is excited to announce an all-new technical webinar and demo series - Tech Tuesdays, in partnership with our technical experts and Product Management. These technical sessions are designed to encourage interaction and knowledge gathering around some of our latest innovations and capabilities across Informatica Products.


In these sessions, we will strive to provide you with as many technical details as possible, including new features and functionalities, and where relevant, show you a demo or product walk-through as well. Learn More


Master Data Management using Business Entity Services (BES) model


Date and Time: March 3, 2020, 8:00 AM Pacific Time


The webinar will cover BES basic understanding, implementation and a few examples with working Demo around business entities.


Here is the agenda for the webinar:

  • Overview of Business Entity/Provisioning Tool
  • Business Entity Services
  • BES Architecture
  • Business Entity Views/Transformations
  • Tasks and Trigger
  • Business Entity APIs - WSDL/WADL
  • BE Service extensions - External Calls
  • SAM integration with BE
  • E360 Layouts/Customizations
  • E360 User Interface
  • Performance and Best Practices
  • BE Vs Subject Area’s


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Cloud Data Warehouse Migration for PowerCenter Customers


Date and Time: March 4, 2020, 8:00 AM Pacific Time

This webinar is intended for PowerCenter customers who want to learn more about migrating from traditional on-premises enterprise data warehouses to modern Cloud Data Warehouses.

Here is the agenda for the webinar:

  • Cloud Data Warehouse (CDW) migration architecture and process flow
  • Informatica’s PowerCenter hybrid solution for CDW migrations
  • Demo


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An Introduction to Databricks and Informatica Data Engineering Integration (AKA Big Data Management)


Date and Time: March 10, 2020, 8:00 AM Pacific Time


This session would be of interest to anyone implementing Informatica “Data Engineering Integration” (AKA Big Data Integration) solution on Databricks.


Here is the agenda for the webinar:

  • Databricks Introduction
  • Informatica Data Engineering Configuration for Databricks Integration
  • Automatic Databricks Cluster creation from within Informatica Data Engineering
  • Databricks Delta Introduction
  • Databricks Delta Source/Targets in Informatica Data Engineering
  • Demo
  • Troubleshooting and Self-service


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MDM Implementation: Informatica Hosted Vs Cloud Vs On-Prem


Date and Time: March 17, 2020, 8:00 AM Pacific Time


In this session, we will go over the different models of implementing the Informatica MDM solution. The most traditional way was to keep the environment internal to the company which is the On-Prem model. With the advent of the cloud technologies and various Cloud services providers, the Could MDM model has evolved. Cloud has made the MDM software implementation a little easier.

Here is the agenda for the webinar:

  • Various components of a typical MDM implementation
  • Different roles that are associated with the implementation
  • Responsibilities of the roles and how this changes in each option
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of each option


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Intelligent Data Catalog for Axon, IICS (Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services), and EDP (Enterprise Data Preparation)


Date and Time: March 24, 2020, 8:00 AM Pacific Time


This session is intended for Data Catalog customers who are using Axon, EDC, IICS, EDP or want to know more about Integrated Data Catalog. At the end of this session, customers will be able to get insights about the dimensions of Data Catalog, how to integrate with Axon, IICS, EDP, Tableau with Best Practices.

Here is the agenda for the webinar:

  • Overview of Enterprise Data Catalog - Use Cases
  • Integration with Axon - Data Governance
  • Integration with IICS - Data Discovery, Preview and Provisioning
  • Integration with EDP - Data Preparation
  • EDC Plug-In with Tableau


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An Introduction to Axon - DataMarketPlace


Date and Time: March 31, 2020, 8:00 AM Pacific Time


This session is intended for Axon Customers. Axon Data Marketplace is the space where users can publish data collections for business use and find data collections that other users in the organization have published. If the user is the owner of a data set in Axon, then the owner can make the data available for others on a self-service basis from the Data Marketplace interface. Similarly, if the user wants to use the data published by other members in the organization, they can request access to the data on a self-service basis.


Here is the agenda for the webinar:

  • Overview of Axon - DataMarketPlace
  • Data Access Requests
  • Data Provisioning


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Is your schedule already full? We understand. Register even if you can't attend and we will send you the link to the recording.

We are excited to announce that our new Informatica Success Portal is now live!


In an adoption driven world, digitally reaching customers with the right content at the right time in their product journey is not a luxury but a necessity; Informatica's Success at innovation and products aligned to being futuristic are an answer to this. The Success Portal is another big step in that direction.


The Success Portal is a microlearning platform with free training and personalized digital experience where learning and using our products have never been easier. The primary objective is to help bootstrap our customers, accelerate product adoption, and ensure our customers realize their business outcomes faster.


It is built to deliver personalized content to customers based on Product, Role, and Stage of the product adoption journey. Be it a POC or trial or a production implementation; the Success Portal will be your one-stop shop to understand product features, explore functionalities, get details on architecture, best practices, and much more. The Success Portal will work in tandem, augmenting the support you get from Informatica.


Here are the key highlights:

  • Tailored, timely content based on customer role, the product implementation phase
  • Product learning paths that provide free foundational to advanced Informatica product knowledge in a simplified and structured format
  • Help Bootstrap customers and prospects during POC/Trial Journeys
  • Technical Onboarding “Getting started” content for all products
  • Insight into Success entitlements and access to your Customer Success Manager
  • Tech Tuesday - Virtual biweekly customer success technical summit from our product experts


We are confident that this new initiative will deliver the utmost value to our customers.


                                                            Thanks You




Thank you for taking the time to provide information about your Project. This information is valuable to us and will help us better serve tailored content around best practices, aid notifications, and recommendations.


As a show of commitment, you are now eligible for “Critical Milestone Service” valued around $4100 and will also be entered into a monthly drawing of Apple Watch Series 5.


To discuss the next steps on how to leverage the Critical Milestone Support, please send a note to Below is a detailed explanation about the Critical Milestone Support


What is Critical Milestone Support?


This offering provides short-term, proactive Informatica based assistance at critical stages during a project. Milestones can include migration of Informatica environments from test/development to production, migration of the Informatica production environment to a new server, installation or upgrade of products.


The support offering includes the following:

• Review of milestone or project activity

• Mitigation of risks by identifying known issues or potential problems and review of third-party software to ensure interoperability

• Real-time support provided by a GCS engineer who has become familiar with the environment and project prior to the event thus saving time if a critical issue arises.


The aim of Critical Milestone support is to provide customers with proactive, collaborative service and therefore, reduce risk during a critical phase of a project.


There will be GCS involvement before the task to:

• Identify any “known” issues before commencing the activity

• Review of third party products and dependencies (such as operating system and database versions)

• Recommend steps or specific tasks to undertake

• Review success criteria

• Review roll-back plans

• Lower risk when implementing system changes by having direct support from experienced Informatica personnel

• Knowledge transfer


Qualifying customers are entitled to use this service once per maintenance year. If the service is required more than once in the year, it can be purchased at an additional cost.



Informatica Customer Success Team

We have made important changes to the case creation process. To simplify the flow, we have replaced Technical Profile with the product and version. Thus, you can raise cases directly for the product that you are using. Here are a few FAQs regarding the changes that you will see in the Case Creation process on the eSupport portal.


Q1. Has the Case Creation page changed?


A: We have a new and improved interface for enhanced user experience. To create a Case, click "Create a New Case" tab as shown in the following screenshot:



To create a Technical Case, click "Technical".



Q2. What happens to Technical Profile?


A: Technical Profile is replaced with Product and Product Version. This has been done to improve customer experience by reducing the effort spent on creating and maintaining the Technical Profile.

Q3. Why don’t I see all products?


A: The Product drop down shows the products that your project is entitled to. To view the entire list of products, click the message "Having trouble locating the right product? Click here to view the list of all Informatica products."

Please note that selecting an unentitled product does not impact your ability to get support from Informatica in any way. The Global Customer Support team will handle these cases as usual. Additionally, Informatica Admin team will contact you for further assistance on the unentitled product.


List of Entitled Products will be shown:


You can still choose Other Products:


Differentiation between Entitled and Other Products:


Q4. Where can I find the list of all my entitled products?


A: You can find the list of Entitled products with the end date from the Projects tab on eSupport.


Q5. What happens to my existing cases (open and closed)?


A: All the open existing cases will reflect the updated product names. The closed cases will continue as is. In case you reopen an existing case, then the product names will get updated.

The Informatica Global Customer Support Team is excited to announce an all-new technical webinar and demo series – Meet the Experts, in partnership with our technical product experts and Product management. These technical sessions are designed to encourage interaction and knowledge gathering around some of our latest innovations and capabilities across Data Integration, Data Quality, Big Data and so on. In these sessions, we will strive to provide you with as many technical details as possible including new features and functionalities, and where relevant, show you a demo or product walk-through as well.


Topic and Agenda


Topic: Meet the Experts Webinar - Accelerate Cloud Data Warehousing with Snowflake and Informatica


Date: Tuesday, 9 April 2019


Time: 11.00 AM Pacific Time (PT)


Duration: 1 Hour


About this Webinar


Cloud Data Warehouse is a key component of analytics modernization, so you can enable data-driven business decisions. Join Snowflake and Informatica technical experts for a deep-dive exploration of our joint solution. We will discuss how together we help infuse analytics solutions with cloud agility and scale, rapidly curating multi-cloud and on-premises, trusted and relevant data in a cloud data warehouse. We will review key use cases and typical adoption patterns we are seeing in the market for cloud data warehouse.


Our experts will discuss in detail key features of our joint solution as well as a reference architecture and recommended best practices. We will also provide a high-level overview of leveraging an AI-driven catalog to identify enterprise-wide data assets for cloud migration and empower analysts with data discovery. Finally, learn how Informatica and Snowflake help you govern and secure data, not only for analytics, but also for data sharing so you can unleash the power of new data economy. Our session will include a demo of our joint solution.




Harsha Kapre, Product Management, Snowflake Computing



To register for this meeting



Please find the details here: Meet the Experts: Accelerate Cloud Data Warehousing with Snowflake and Informatica


You can also contact us at:



MeetTheExperts Team



Informatica on-premises and Cloud products today use Oracle Java. Oracle Java comes bundled with the Informatica products, except for the AIX platform.


Oracle has changed its Java licensing policy, ending public updates for Java 8 effective January 2019.


Informatica has decided to replace Oracle Java dependency in the products with OpenJDK and has engaged with Azul Systems for the same.


For more information, see the related article:

Informatica strongly recommends that customers plan their upgrade to the latest version in 2019.


Frequently Asked Questions


Do Informatica products depend on Java?

Yes, Informatica On-premises and Cloud products are dependent on Java.


Does Java come bundled with Informatica products today?

Yes, Informatica today bundles Oracle Java with many products on most platforms. For Informatica Cloud, the Secure Agent comes with Oracle JRE, and customers download JDK on their own to compile the Java transformation. For MDM products, Java is not bundled with the products.


What is changing and how is Informatica adapting to that change?

Oracle has changed its Java licensing policy. In future releases, Informatica will change Java dependency in the products to OpenJDK instead. For specific product release timeline, please reach out to Informatica Global Customer Support.


What is OpenJDK?

OpenJDK is a free and open-source implementation of the Java Platform, SE.


Will Informatica bundle OpenJDK with the products?

For the products that bundle Java today, Informatica will replace Oracle Java with OpenJDK in the product installer. Both Client and Server installers will be updated.


What version of Open JDK is packaged with the 10.2.2 release?

Azul OpenJDK 1.8.0_192. For more information about the distribution version, see the Product Availability Matrix on Informatica Network: matrices/overview


There are many OpenJDK flavors in the market. Which one is Informatica using?

Informatica has established a long-term agreement with Azul System for OpenJDK. Azul Systems is one of the leading providers of OpenJDK.


I’m an existing Informatica customer. What should I do?

Informatica will be releasing all future product releases with OpenJDK. You do not need to download Azure OpenJDK, as Informatica performs the update during the upgrade process. Existing customers are strongly encouraged to upgrade to a product release that supports OpenJDK. For specific product release timeline, please reach out to Informatica Global Customer Support.


I’m an existing Informatica customer, and I would like to upgrade, but I need more time. What should I do?

Existing customers are strongly encouraged to upgrade to a product release that supports OpenJDK. If you need more time to prepare and perform the upgrade, then you can continue to use the existing version of the Informatica products, but Informatica will not be able to provide you Java-specific updates/patches. Non-Java product updates/patches will continue to be made available by Informatica. If you need further guidance on this, please reach out to Informatica Global Customer Support.


Will there still be support for Oracle Java?

Informatica is changing product Java dependency from Oracle Java to Azul OpenJDK for new releases only. For existing releases, customers can update Oracle Java minor version on their own – see the support statement Informatica Support Policy Statement for Security Patches for details. Customers need to engage directly with Oracle to receive Oracle Java updates/patches.


Which version of Java is currently supported?

Informatica products currently support Java 8.


Is there a plan to support Java 11?

Support for Java 11 is on the roadmap and varies by individual products.


Can I update Java on my own?

No. We are looking into that for the future. For now, you should engage with Informatica Global Customer Support for any related questions.


Can I provide any OpenJDK version of any vendor greater than the minimum version certified?

No. You cannot upgrade the Java minor version on this release.


Will Informatica support any other Java vendor other than Azul OpenJDK Java?

Informatica 10.2.2 supports only bundled Azul OpenJDK Java and no other variant.


How often, and how will Informatica release Java updates?

Informatica will bundle the latest release of Azul OpenJDK with every future product release, roughly every 6-9 months.


Will Informatica provide support for older Informatica releases for any Java issues you may encounter, including any security patches for JDK?

No. You need to work directly with Oracle to get newer Java 8 patches. Informatica will no longer provide support or update the Oracle Java on older releases.


Who provides support in case of an issue? Who provides a patch for any vulnerability that gets identified?

You can continue to engage directly with Informatica Global Customer Support. Informatica, as needed, will work with Azul for any patches/fixes.


Do I have to engage with Azul Systems for Java for any reason?

No. You can continue to engage directly with Informatica Global Customer Support. Informatica will work with Azul Systems as needed.


For encryption needs, I use Java Cryptography Extension (JCE). Does anything change?

No. JCE files are included with Azul OpenJDK and bundled with the product installer.


Do I need to recompile Java Transformation?

Java transformation does not need to be recompiled.


Does anything change for Informatica Big Data products with pushdown to Hadoop Cluster?

Informatica Big Data Management and Big Data Streaming will use bundled Azul OpenJDK to execute jobs on the cluster. Enterprise Data Catalog will use Azul OpenJDK for embedded clusters and will use Hadoop Cluster Java for external clusters.

We have noticed an issue in Informatica Network Search where the same results are getting displayed multiple times. We are treating this as a high priority issue and working actively on it. Please watch this space for further updates.

The Informatica Global Customer Support Team is excited to announce an all-new technical webinar and demo series – Meet the Experts, in partnership with our technical product experts and Product management. These technical sessions are designed to encourage interaction and knowledge gathering around some of our latest innovations and capabilities across Data Integration, Data Quality, Big Data and so on. In these sessions, we will strive to provide you with as much technical details including new features and functionalities as possible, and where relevant, show you a demo or product walk-through as well.


Topic and Agenda


Topic: Meet the Experts Webinar - Next Generation Analytics and Monitoring for PowerCenter Operations

Date: Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Time: 8:30 AM Pacific Time (PT)

Duration: 1 Hour




  • Introduction to Operational Insights
  • Demo
  • Benefits with free signup


About this Webinar


This webinar is an overview of Operational Insights for PowerCenter, a new PowerCenter operational analytics product recently released. Operational Insights enables project / workflow analytics, workflow error reporting and remediation recommendations, Health monitoring, Grid auto-scaling, and Infrastructure alerting. It also features resource utilization tracking of individual workflow runs on a heatmap. This webinar is intended for a technical audience and features live demos of the product.


Technical Information being covered in the webinar:

  • Informatica Operational Insights for PowerCenter
  • PowerCenter operational analytics
  • Workflow error reporting and remediation recommendations
  • Grid auto-scale
  • Infrastructure alerting
  • Resource utilization tracking of individual workflow runs on a heatmap




Keshav Ramarao, Principal Product Manager, Informatica


About the Speaker(s) – Keshav Ramarao is a Product Manager for Informatica Operational Insights, he has been a data dude for over two decades with expansive product development experience from Microsoft to Informatica.



To register for this meeting



Visit Operational Insights website to get a sneak preview of Operational Insights. Register for this webinar for an engaging discussion on Operational Insights.


Please find the details here: Meet the Experts - Next Generation Analytics for PowerCenter Operations


You can also contact us at:



MeetTheExperts Team

The Informatica Global Customer Support Team is excited to announce an all-new technical webinar and demo series – Meet the Experts, in partnership with our technical product experts and Product management. These technical sessions are designed to encourage interaction and knowledge gathering around some of our latest innovations and capabilities across Data Integration, Data Quality, Big Data and so on. In these sessions, we will strive to provide you with as much technical details including new features and functionalities as possible, and where relevant, show you a demo or product walk-through as well.


Topic and Agenda


Topic: Meet the Experts Webinar - Hyper Speed Analytics with Tableau and Informatica

Date: 4 October 2018

Time: 10:00 AM PST

Duration: 1 Hour


About this Webinar


By now you must have heard all the hype around Tableau Hyper. But what is Hyper, and why should you want to have it? Just as importantly, how does it fit with your overall data management strategy and analytics journey? And what are some best practices for successful analytics initiatives with Informatica and Tableau Hyper?


Join Tableau and Informatica technical experts for a deep-dive and demo of Tableau Hyper & Informatica and learn the hyper-speed benefits of our integrated solution stack for your analytics efforts.


In this technical webinar, you will learn:


•The scoop on Tableau Hyper from Tableau experts, including a demo.

•Informatica support for Tableau Hyper and demo of Hyper connector.

•Use cases benefiting the joint solution: Cloud analytics and Data Cataloging, including a quick demo of cataloging in Tableau.

•Hyper performance “squared” – Improving performance throughout your data pipeline with Informatica and Tableau.

•Best practices for implementing Hyper and Informatica.


Join us for this in-depth technical webinar to learn how you can optimize your analytics solution with Tableau and Informatica and accelerate time to insights, based on timely, relevant and trusted data.




Nick Brisoux, Director Product Management, Tableau

Roshan Agrawal, Director Product Management, Informatica



To register for this meeting



Please find the details here:


You can also contact us at:



MeetTheExperts Team

What is Ask An Expert?


Ask An Expert is a unique channel for our customers to engage directly with Informatica subject matter experts. Customers can use the dedicated time (up to 45-minutes) to discuss best practices, product roadmap, understand product features, functionalities, and other use cases within the scope of support.


What's New?


Due to the overwhelming response received for this feature from our customers, the number of sessions has been increased from the earlier one to two sessions per calendar month for a project.


Who is Eligible for Ask An Expert?


  • Ask An Expert is available for Premium and Signature success customers.
  • These sessions are limited to two sessions per calendar month for a Project.
  • These sessions are currently delivered in English language only.


Which Products are Covered?


Ask An Expert covers the following products:


  • PowerCenter
  • Data Quality
  • Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services
  • Multidomain Master Data Management
  • Big Data Management
  • Enterprise Data Catalog
  • Axon (Data Governance)


Which are the different areas covered in Ask An Expert sessions?


  • Feature Clarity
  • Best Practices
  • Others (Topics within the scope of Informatica Global Customer Support)


How to request an Ask An Expert session?


  1. Customers will see the Ask An Expert option on the eSupport home page.


  2. Click the Ask An Expert tab, the Book Slot screen appears.


  3. Select the product and click Next. On selecting the Product, the Area (Best Practices/Feature Clarity) of the session would be displayed.


4. On selecting the Area (Best Practices/Feature Clarity) of the session, the different categories will be populated in the Category field. Select a category and click Next.

5. Select an Available Time Slot and click Next.

6. Now enter the Subject and Description fields and click Next.

Note: Customers will only see slots available after 5 business days from the date of booking for up to 15 business days. This is because the slots must be booked a minimum of 5 business days in advance for a session.


7. Once a session is booked, a subject matter expert would be assigned to the session, who will work with the customer to set the agenda and the meeting invites.

8. You can check the status of your sessions by going to the Upcoming Bookings tab and clicking on the booked sessions.

9. Customers can view all the details related to the booked session under Session Information.

10. After the session is booked, the customers can Add Update and Add Attachment to the session by clicking the respective options under Quick Links.


How to Reschedule and Cancel a session?


  1. Click Reschedule Session to select a different time slot from the same time zone and reschedule the appointment.
  2. Click Cancel Session and update the Reason for Cancel Request to cancel the session.


Both these requests will update the Subject matter expert working on the session and they will take appropriate action.


Note: Only a project contact who has requested the session will be able to cancel or reschedule a session.

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