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Satmetrix Sources in Data Synchronization Tasks

You can use a Satmetrix object as a single source in a Data Synchronization task.
You configure Satmetrix source properties on the Source page of the Data Synchronization Task wizard.
The following table describes the Satmetrix source properties:
Name of the source connection.
Source Type
Select Single.
Source Object
Name of the source object. You can choose one of the following source objects when you read data from Satmetrix:
Contact Fields
Represents the contact information stored in Satmetrix.
Represents response data of Satmetrix surveys.
Represents the Satmetrix user information.
Represents the live survey data.

Satmetrix Source Data Synchronization Example

You want to export Satmetrix survey feedback into a .csv file. You want to create actionable reports externally by combining the survey feedback data set with other data from financial or operational sources.
You read the Satmetrix survey feedback by using Informatica Cloud and write that data to a flat file.
Configure a Data Synchronization task with the insert operation and configure the following objects:
The source object for a Data Synchronization task is a Satmetrix Response. Use the Satmetrix connection to connect to Satmetrix and read data from Satmetrix. The Response object is a single source in the Data Synchronization task.
Use the .csv file as the target object in the Data Synchronization task. Use the Flat File connection to connect to the flat file.
Map the primary fields of the Response source object to the flat file target object.
When you run the Data Synchronization task, the Secure Agent writes the retrieved survey feedback to the target flat file.