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Satmetrix Connector Example

You want to send phone or email surveys to Microsoft Dynamics customers from Satmetrix.
You can use Satmetrix Connector to perform the following Data Synchronization or Data Mapping tasks, which you configure on Informatica Cloud:
Send Survey
Reads the information of the customer contacts that are nominated for the survey within Microsoft Dynamics. The task pushes this information to Satmetrix. Satmetrix then sends surveys to customers.
Update survey
Reads the invitation status and the response received from Satmetrix for the surveys sent using the Send Survey task. The information will be updated back into the corresponding custom survey object record in Microsoft Dynamics.
Create Case
Reads the action objects created in Satmetrix, and based on the rules defined by Satmetrix, the task creates corresponding mapping case objects in Microsoft Dynamics.
Note: The Create Case task creates mapping case objects in Microsoft Dynamics only for certain types of actions created in Satmetrix.
Update Satmetrix Actions
Reads the updates for action cases from Microsoft Dynamics and updates the corresponding action objects in Satmetrix.
Note: The Update Satmetrix Actions task updates custom follow-up fields, such as assignment and status, based on customer requirements.
The following image shows the Satmetrix tasks and workflow with Microsoft Dynamics that you can configure on Informatica Cloud: