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ODBC Connection for MongoDB Properties

You must configure the MongoDB ODBC driver connection properties.
The following table describes the MongoDB ODBC connection properties:
Runtime Environment
The name of the run-time environment where you want to run the tasks.
User Name
The user name of the MongoDB database.
The password to connect to the MongoDB database.
Data Source Name
Name of the data source.
Optional. The schema name for a MongoDB collection.
Code Page
The code page for the data set.
ODBC Subtype
Categorizes the type of the connection to use to connect to the database. Specify Other as the subtype to read or write data from MongoDB.
Driver Manager for Linux
The Driver Manager on Linux to connect to MongoDB. Select only the unixODBC Driver Managers to connect to MongoDB from Linux from the following options:
  • - Data Direct
  • - unixODBC2.3.0
  • - unixODBC2.3.4