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Creating a Data Synchronization Task

Create a JIRA connection before you create a the Data Synchronization task.
    1. In the Informatica Cloud home page, navigate and click Apps > Data Synchronization.
    The Data Synchronization page appears.
    2. Click New to create a Data Synchronization task.
    The Definition tab appears.
    Enter the Task Name and select the Task Operation from the drop box.
    3. Specify the task name, provide a description, and select the <Insert> task operation.
    4. Click Next.
    The Source tab appears.
    5. Select the source Connection, Source Type, and Source Object for the task.
    You need to fill in the fields that are displayed to configure the source.
    Note: The source file supports ‘YYYY-MM-DD’ format for date and ‘YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM’ format for date time, for write operation.
    6. Click Next.
    The Target tab appears.
    7. Select the target connection and target object.
    You need to fill in the fields to configure the target.
    8. Click Next.
    The Data Filters tab appears.
    9. To assign filters to the Data Synchronization task, see Configure the Data Filter.
    10. Configure the data filter, and click Next.
    11. On the Field Mapping tab, enter JIRA projectkey in the Project field, while performing insert, update and delete operations into JIRA application for any project object.
    The image displays the Field mapping tab. You need to enter the Projectkey and Project fields.
    Note: To perform the delete operation of the attached object, the byte content present in field mapping must be unmapped.
    12. Click Next.
    The Schedule tab appears.
    13. In the advance Source properties, use the read time out attribute to specify the maximum number of milliseconds that the connector waits to connect to JIRA. You can use the Retry Count attribute to specify the number of times to reconnect to JIRA. If the response code is other than 200 or the read time out is achieved, the connector attempts to reconnect to JIRA. Following image display the details of Advanced Source Properties:
    14. Schedule the task according to the requirement and save. If you do not want to schedule the task, click Save and Run.
    Click onSave and Run option to save the configuration.

Rules and Guidelines for Data Synchronization Task

Consider the following guidelines: