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Domo Connector Overview

Use Domo Connector to read data from Domo and integrate data with other applications, databases, and flat files. You can also read data from Domo or other applications, transform the data, and write data to Domo. You can use Domo objects as sources and targets in Data Synchronization tasks, mappings, and Mapping Configuration tasks.
When you run a Data Synchronization task or a Mapping Configuration task, the Secure Agent uses the Domo API to perform the specified operation and reads data from or writes data to Domo.
You can use Domo source objects in a task. The Secure Agent reads the data sets stored in Domo. When you write data to Domo, you can specify the Domo target object in a task. Based on the operation and the Domo target object you specify, you can create data sets, add data sets, and remove data sets from Domo.