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Informatica Resources

Informatica Documentation

To get the latest documentation for your product, browse the Informatica Knowledge Base at
If you have questions, comments, or ideas about this documentation, contact the Informatica Documentation team through email at

Informatica Cloud Web Site

You can access the Informatica Cloud web site at This site contains information about Informatica Cloud editions and applications.

Informatica Cloud Communities

Use the Informatica Cloud Community to discuss and resolve technical issues in Informatica Cloud. You can also find technical tips, documentation updates, and answers to frequently asked questions.
Access the Informatica Cloud Community at:
To find resources on using Cloud Application Integration (the Informatica Cloud Real Time service), access the community at:
Developers can learn more and share tips at the Cloud Developer community:

Informatica Cloud Connector Documentation

You can access documentation for Informatica Cloud Connectors at the Informatica Cloud Community:
You can also download individual connector guides:

Informatica Knowledge Base

Use the Informatica Knowledge Base to search Informatica Network for product resources such as documentation, how-to articles, best practices, and PAMs.
To access the Knowledge Base, visit If you have questions, comments, or ideas about the Knowledge Base, contact the Informatica Knowledge Base team at

Informatica Cloud Trust Site

You can access the Informatica Cloud trust site at This site provides real time information about Informatica Cloud system availability, current and historical data about system performance, and details about Informatica Cloud security policies.

Informatica Global Customer Support

You can contact a Customer Support Center by telephone or online.
For online support, click Submit Support Request in the Informatica Cloud application. You can also use Online Support to log a case. Online Support requires a login. You can request a login at
The telephone numbers for Informatica Global Customer Support are available from the Informatica web site at